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All the design solutions, images, texts and logos presented in this website belongs to Giacomo Zucchi or to his clients and all rights are reserved.

Jack Zeta Design Lab by Giacomo Zucchi / P.IVA  n° 02391040033

www.jackzeta.com - design by Giacomo Zucchi

Giacomo Zucchi

Giacomo Zucchi

  My name is Giacomo Zucchi, I'm italian and on January 2014 I set up JackZeta Design Lab.

  The Studio is based on a network of italian high level professionals in different fields: Design Development, Design Strategy, Market Research, CMF Study, Ergonomic Research, Innovation Process.

   We offer the Italian excellence of Product Design development: we like  to  meet people around the world, discover new cultures, and be engaged in new stimulating project challenges.


I really believe in Innovation as propeller for the next generation products. Innovation is the main pillar to write the future through the daily-life products.

On april 2014 I took a Master Graduation of Innovation Management (Milan, Business School Il Sole 24Ore).