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All the design solutions, images, texts and logos presented in this website belongs to Giacomo Zucchi or to his clients and all rights are reserved.

Jack Zeta Design Lab by Giacomo Zucchi / P.IVA  n° 02391040033

www.jackzeta.com - design by Giacomo Zucchi

Giacomo Zucchi


   Giacomo was born in Omegna on 1977. To grow in the "Cusio" area, north-west Italy, famous industrial birthplace of the italian home products, and watch closely the business realities of Alessi, Bialetti and Lagostina, encouraged him to channel his creativity to the world that he felt familiar and he admired: the world of mass production.

   Successfully completed his studies in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Torino, under the teaching of famous professionals like Lorenzo Ramacciotti (Pininfarina, Fiat and Maserati Design Manager) and Giuliano Molineri (General Manager of Giugiaro Design) , and after a brief experience in the Automotive Styling Centre I.DE.A Institute, Giacomo find very soon the opportunity to make experience within product design, thank to Lagostina that commissioned him some projects. To work with an historical Italian company, with 100 years history,  whose brand is very popular abroad for its excellent quality made in Italy, besides being a great gym of technique training, it's especially the fulfillment of a dream: at just 25 years old, Giacomo sees the production of its first products, many of which are still in production. Melodia is his first Pots&Pans collection that took success from Japan to USA market.

   From 2005 onwards, when Lagostina enters the French multinational Groupe SEB, he had a way of approaching to the Milan of the "great teachers" working with very experienced architects like Marco Ferreri and Makio Hasuike, he acquires knowledge in international field thank to the Corporate Design meetings with the designers of Rowenta, Moulinex, Tefal, Krups. From 2005 to 2007 he worked on one of the best icon of the italian design, the pressure cooker with flexible lid: the result was Domina, a very innovative project with a better easy opening system that partecipated to some selections ADI.

   On 2009 Giacomo won the Good Design from the Chicago Athenaum Museum, the Reddot Design Award, and the GOOD DESIGN from Japan thanks to the project La Collezione Rossa by Lagostina.

On may 2011 he tooks the appellation of "Italian Young Knighthood" (Cavalierato Giovanile) from the Piemont department as a testimonial of the italian talents.

   During the 2011 he joined the Groupe Seb Cookware&Kitchenware Design Department, based in Tefal (Haute-Savoie) where  he was the guarantor of Innovation & Design  product development for cookware selective international brands . On 2013 he won the Innovation Campus Challenge of the Groupe Seb thanks to the result of an efficient collaboration project with a Design Lab of the University Politecnico di Milano.

On October 2013 cames to light his best design project, his son Gioele and in january 2014 Giacomo founded Jack Zeta Design.


   Why the nickname Jack Zeta?

Because the people call him "Jack", from the name Giac... "Zeta" is the first letter of the surname Zucchi... italian translation of zed.